Hi, we're Sally & Manu
Co-founders of Living OM, lovers and proud parents too!

We have had the pleasure of inspiring others' transformational journeys through yoga for over a decade now.

We've helped thousands of people, from all walks of life, find more POWER, FOCUS, FLEXIBILITY and BALANCE in their lives whilst learning to master their BODY, MIND and HEART though yoga.

Many have come to us simply for the exercise, weight loss and scientifically proven physical benefits of Yoga only to discover that is just the tip of the iceberg. Yoga is afterall known as the Science of the Mind.

When we delve into the philosophy we discover Yoga is a tool to reconnect to our true selves, beyond any modifications of the mind & ego where find ourselves in a state of 'FLOW' 

The more we practice, the better we get and the more we remember the POWERFUL CREATIVE beings that we are!

Things Were Not Always That Way...
Like so many others, we've both experienced great trauma in our lives that guided us on our own personal growth journeys. From mysterious illnesses, abuse, depression, serious injuries, blended family and cross-cultural issues...individually and together we've both had lots to deal with over the years.

That's why we have both dedicated our lives to exploring the mind, body and consciousness in many different ways. From a young age each hurdle we faced, we would find another tool to add to our 'Toolkit' for life.

It was when we joined forces that we found a common thread through the path of Yoga that we began consciously creating Living OM to live and share our passion with others.

Through that journey we've discovered it's those most challenging moments that bring the greatest opportunity for reward, evolution and growth!

Fast Forward To Today
Humanity is facing one of its greatest challenges ever right now. A time for critical thinking, self reflection, acceptance, growth and unconditional love.

We ourselves have had to make some radical decisions to adapt with current surroundings. Like many we've been on a roller coaster of emotions lately. Feeling 'emotion' is part of the human experience, it's simply 'Energy-in-Motion'

Letting go, adapting and upgrading although not always easy, but can be super exciting.
It feels AWESOME to be INSPIRED again....
Come and join us as we put all those life-hacks and tools that we've learnt along the way into practice inside our online community.

The more we learn, the more we realise how little we actually know.... That's where a community of like minded wisdom warriors can be so powerful. Together we can work in synergy for the greater good of all.

Collectively, the more of us that remember the powerful creative beings that we are, the sooner we can rewire the human experience at its core and THRIVE!
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